Pia Meredith

Pia Meredith has a passion for optimum health and individual self-expression. She believes we are all whole and have the internal resources needed to create our lives and experiences. Through this journey, Pia has sought and studied philosophies, techniques, modalities and systems that provide instant yet permanent transformation. Through trial and error, Pia has created and employed simple and effective healing techniques, resulting in instant transformation.

At the age of 25, living in five cities across the east and west of Canada, Pia read five years of journals. This exercise shocked her as she recognized that even though the people and places changed, and despite her own ‘self development’ work and reading, the patterns were cyclical and they did not change. She set out on a journey to see what would break core patterns and behaviours permanently, allowing herself, and others around her to truly become the creators of their lives.

Pia’s focus is on self-discover and self-awareness rather than self-development; that the truth of each of us exists underneath beliefs, patterns, programs, and the low vibrating emotions that get in the way of us expression our true selves. She believes that by balancing all of these whilst letting go of locked or stored trauma and stress, the truth of who we are can emerge and we become free to create the fulfilling lives we all desire and deserve. Having discovered this herself (and continuing to expand daily) it is Pia’s mission to help others let go of their blocks to become the people they came here to be; to support true freedom, self-expression and fulfillment on the planet.

Pia has over 20 years of experience working with both individuals and groups, facilitating breakthroughs and supporting people to become who they are here to be. Every so often she will bring another modality into the session, if called to do so, to support the transformation, however her sessions are predominantly PSYCH-K®, utilized for its’ simplicity and speedy results.

Pia came into this world with a love of travel that took her around the globe. Born in the US to British parents and raised in Canada, she has worked on three continents in both the public and private sectors. Today she is delighted to call Melbourne home.

“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”
Lao Tzu

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