Belinda Claveria

Introducing Belinda Claveria – Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer and Passion Coach

Belinda works primarily with Kinesiology, energy healing, Reiki, embodiment and coaching. She specializes in the areas of relationships and anxiety in all of its forms, from physical discomfort to mind un-ease.

Being sick, or feeling overwhelmed, stuck or fragile is frightening. Life throws us challenges and a session with Belinda can help calm the mind and support your life force to flow again. Clients leave feeling grounded and clearer.

Belinda has been aware of energy and her capacity for healing others since she was a young child. She wanted to become a doctor and change the world! She’s been walking the path of what she calls ‘White Light’ for decades.

Each session is unique, as Belinda calls on whatever tools are appropriate to bring about the best result. She works with you to tap into your innate healing wisdom and deep truth about what needs to be let go and what wants to be embraced.


Kinesiology is an amazing tool. It can uncover imbalances in the body and the energetic field, works to balance hormones, assists with breaking habits, clearing grief and anger, and releasing pain.

I love supporting people to feel safe within their bodies and to trust deeply again in their capacity to love, live courageously and to be open hearted. I help you define your current life goals and navigate that path using a variety of powerful techniques, such as

– Counselling & Embodiment work
– Energy/ Reiki healing, Star Energetics
– Homeopathy vials & acupressure points
– Neurovascular holding
– Chakra balancing: addressing hormone issue
– Nutritional Balance: identifying what may be hindering the absorption or digestion of nutrients
– EFT tapping
– NLP to shift behaviour, emotional patterns and install positive mindset
– Brain Function: for learning – an incredible balance for school aged children and adults suffering from study difficulties, memory and balance problems
-Soul, DNA template work
– Fascial trains and postural assessment: assisting in fluid movement and pain reduction within muscles and joints
– Cranials and TMJ adjustment: for headaches, pelvis issues
– Colour light therapy
– Sound therapy
– Clearing auras
– Essential oil use

Kinesiology bypasses the conscious mind and works to clear stress, so that the body can return to just ‘being’.

Reiki and energetic healing

Do you need some nurturing?  Are you craving healing touch? Using a combination of Reiki, intuitive healing and Star Energetics, these one hour sessions are peaceful and restorative.

Reiki is a Japanese modality of energy healing that is gentle, soothing and powerful.  The meaning of the word Reiki is “Life Force Energy”…
Rei = ‘the soul’ or ‘spirit’, and Ki = ‘universal life force’.

This technique uses the ancient practice of laying hands on the body to transfer universal healing energy through the hands of the practitioner. Reiki is felt to restore energy balance, dissolve pain caused by energy blocks and lighten your spirit.

Belinda also uses Star Energetics, a healing modality she personally developed over ten years ago. This modality uses specific hand placements to connect with sacred geometrical patterns in your auric field and energy centres, to restore flow and align the entire body to harmony.

These sessions are fully clothed and are suitable for people of all ages.

Belinda feels it is an honour holding space for individuals to reconnect to their hope, to remember their unique spiritual soul contracts, to find their joy and sensuality again… to love and believe again in themselves. Children benefit greatly from sessions too.

Belinda is professional, intuitive and nurturing.


  • Initial consultation 75 mins  $145
  • Return consultation 60 mins  $130

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