Dr Nathalie Martinek Ph.D.

Introducing Dr Nathalie Martinek Ph.D.

Personal Power Consultant

Dr Nathalie Martinek

Nathalie is a rare combination of scientist and spiritually-centred healer. She has trained with incredible teachers both in Australia and internationally and has developed unique insight to help her understand your current life challenge in a holistic way. She has the insight of a wise sage and applies this with the practicality of a coach.

She understands that everyone has experienced traumatic and emotionally wounding events in life and that we all carry the burden of intergenerational trauma. These wounds have an effect on how well we recover from life’s setbacks and how easily we can resolve conflict, relate to others, our environment and ourselves every single day.

She uses the meditation-based energy healing approach called Ignite Your Spirit  (https://www.shantimission.org/ignite-your-spirit-therapy/) to quickly release emotions that are tied to negative past events and that still affect you today in the form of anxiety, existential distress, relationship conflict, burnout and illness.

During sessions with Dr Nathalie, negative feelings like anger, sadness, regret, disappointment and pain – along with their deep wounds – are gently dissolved from your system without needing to revisit the original traumatic event. This process helps to restore your natural state of bliss, and allows for more confidence and competence in navigating life.

She also works with her clients to develop and implement strategies that lead to healthier thoughts, behaviours and responses to whatever life throws your way… and she’s practical enough to help you integrate these changes alongside your everyday routines and commitments.

Nathalie’s greatest joy is seeing her clients bloom as they navigate the new  spiritual principles and practical strategies they’ve been offered during her sessions. Her clients consistently report that their work with Nathalie has led to a happier and more satisfying life.

If you are serious about overcoming some of your own obstacles and you are considering committing to a monthly, 3 month or 6 month healing consultation package, please contact Nathalie for a 15 minute chat to discover if this is the right program for you.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy

Dr Nathalie is an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist and facilitator. Follow this link for further information about Shanti Mission and Ignite Your Spirit Therapy.

Empowered Communication Coaching

Click this link for further information about Empowered Communication Coaching.

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