Dr Tracy Kopp

Dr Tracy Kopp, Chiropractor at The Urban Alchemist Carlton NorthIntroducing Dr Tracy Kopp

Dr Tracy Kopp has worked in Chiropractic for over a decade in both Brisbane and Melbourne. Over this time, she has come in contact with many clients, some embracing a healthy lifestyle and wanting to keep their bodies at their best, and some in great pain desperately seeking relief.

Whether you fall into one of these categories or somewhere in between, chiropractic care is a wonderfully simple approach to health. Unlike most chiropractors, Tracy offers appointments long enough to utilise both manipulative therapy and soft tissue release. She understands that you may be anxious about being in pain or about trying something new and aims at all times to help you understand the treatment process clearly.

Tracy is a realist. She knows you like to enjoy weekends with family and friends, playing with your kids or your dog, and that you want to get back to normal life soon as possible. She’ll offer ongoing advice as to how to improve your condition at home alongside the treatment process, to get you back to your best quickly. Integrity, growth and gratitude are Tracy’s core values. If she can help you, she will. If she thinks you’d do better with another therapist, she’ll tell you. Tracy’s clients love her for her direct, down-to-earth approach to health. She loves her clients for committing to their health and for the challenges, warmth and humour they bring to her work.

Tracy lives in downtown Preston with her favourite people, and Molly the Malamute and Taco, the brave and curious Jack- Staffa-huahua.

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Dr Tracy Kopp is available for appointments in our Nicholson Street, Carlton North clinic. To make your appointment with Tracy, call 9347 9247 or book online using the form below.