Katie Wong

Introducing Katie Wong

Kinesiologist, Reiki Master Teacher, Wellness facilitator (BSc Hon, BA, Grad Dip Medicinal Science, Grad Cert Wellness, International Diploma in Kinesiology)

Katie Wong Kinesiology Carlton NorthKatie created Radiant Aura to realise her own dream, to help others achieve theirs. She believes we are all deserving of living a life we love, and she would love to try to show you that it is possible.

From Type A corporate type to modern intuitive, and after suffering burn out several times, Katie followed her heart and left a highly successful 15-year career in the corporate world.

She is a holistic kinesiologist, a reiki master teacher and a Melbourne based wellness facilitator who supports others in their journey of self discovery and empowers them to reach within and shine their inner light more radiantly.

By working with Katie, you become more aware of your inner blocks and resistance. You gain insights and the confidence to help you in your daily life.

“Katie has facilitated some amazing changes within me. I felt supported in my journey at every step. Katie is warm and sincere (and sometimes just plain fun). It is clear that she enjoys what she does. Our sessions helped me to unfold and to embrace the person I wanted to be. I feel much more relaxed and happy within myself as a result. I am much clearer about who I am and I feel more confident and empowered to create a life I am excited to live.” Louise Sam-Sin

With a strong understanding of the esoteric and a solid foundation in modern science and ancient philosophies, she teaches others to find their way to living with more joy, love and fulfilment.

She looks forward to supporting you on your path to joyful wellbeing.

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To learn more about Katie Wong’s practice, follow this LINK

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Reiki is more than a healing modality. It is a path to self exploration. Reiki brings a deeper level of love and compassion into your life. After the level 1 course, students feel calmer and less anxious, more positive and optimistic, and have a greater understanding of themselves and others. Begin your journey and learn the ancient practice of Reiki with Katie. For more information, follow this LINK.

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To learn more about Katie Wong, follow this LINK

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Katie practices Thursday afternoons at The Urban Alchemist, Nicholson Street. To make your Kinesiology appointment with Katie, call 9347 9247 or book online.

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