Rachel Larsson

Introducing Rachel Larsson

Rachel is a warm and empathetic naturopath who values connecting with people and developing honest, authentic relationships. Growing up and experiencing her own health hurdles, Rachel realised the importance of having a healthy, balanced mind, body and spirit. In addition to Rachel’s wellness journey, her upbringing on a farm instilled in her a love, appreciation and respect for nature. It’s no surprise that her past, coupled with her ambitious, vibrant personality, meant she pursed a career in health and a life fulfilling her passion for helping others.

It is Rachel’s belief that self-awareness and self-acceptance is cornerstone to living your best life. Outside of her pursuit in helping others, Rachel stays happy and grounded through yoga, socialising with friends, cooking delicious food and being surrounded by music.

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Bachelor of Public Health (Nutrition)
  • Accredited member of Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA)
  • Registered practitioner with Australian Natural Register of Accredited Natural Therapists (ANRANT)

Rachel is registered with all major health funds allowing private health insurance rebates for on the spot consultations.

Rachel is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays, for naturopathic and  dermaviduals™ holistic skin consultations.

How are Narayani Wellness naturopaths different?

Like most naturopaths our approach is focused on the whole patient, however where we really shine is in our interest and experience with functional medicine, gut health and healing and prioritising the mind body connect.

Functional medicine means looking at the body and what is happening at a cellular, chemical reaction or micro-organism level. This approach means we can really get to the core issues of what is happening and address them effectively, or even better prevent illness and disease.

For example, if someone was to come to see us with long standing fatigue we have the ability to look at the efficiency to which our cells make energy. We can then see if we need to support with a specific nutrient/s to help a pathway work better.

This strategy helps take out a lot of the guess work so that we can better tailor treatment specific to your needs. It also means that we can apply the latest research and innovative treatments to provide faster solutions and more effective management.

What are we good at?

          Gut health & healing.  We love approaching most complaints with this as a foundation, as it is core to our entire health and well-being. From immune, mood issues to fatigue and digestive concerns, optimising gut health is essential in getting better and thriving.

          Mood and Emotional Wellbeing. This should be no surprise as it has ties to the gut and we recognise that our experiences and stuck belief patterns can have a profound impact on our physical health.

          Holistic Skin Naturopathy (http://www.narayaniwellness.com.au/holistic-skincare/)  .  Our approach to healthy skin is from the inside out and the outside in. We combine functional medicine with non-toxic effective skin care products to achieve great results.

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