Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle,  holistic therapy that can aid relief from anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, nervous disorders, digestive problems, stress and many other issues.

What happens in a session, and how does it work?

In a Craniosacral Therapy session, the client lies on a massage table while the practitioner makes light contact. This contact is often at the head, feet and bottom of the spine. The practitioner listens to and works with subtle rhythms of the body’s nervous system, soft tissues, bones and fluid. They ask questions to guide the client to explore sensations in their body. They listen to the answers without judgment, helping the client feel safe and supported.

The main way Craniosacral Therapy works is by helping the brain to become more aware of tensions and restrictions in the body. It can then start to let go of what’s no longer helpful and create change at its own pace. This ‘body-led’ healing approach is why the therapy offered at the Urban Alchemist is sometimes called ‘biodyamic’ craniosacral therapy.

What are the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy?

Clients have reported:

  • lower anxiety level and frequency
  • pain relief and reduced muscle tension
  • feeling calmer and more relaxed
  • improved sleep and digestion
  • better overall health and immunity
  • having more energy
  • coping better with stressful situations
  • feeling more connected and aware.

To treat chronic issues, consider Craniosacral Therapy alongside other treatments like counselling, psychotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.

Please be mindful that each person’s body and history is different and that conditions can have multiple causes. Some of these may respond well to Craniosacral Therapy and some that may need other forms of treatment.

If you have a serious medical condition, we recommend you see a qualified medical specialist before seeking craniosacral therapy.


45 minute session: $95 full / $80 concession

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Matthew Daniel
Matthew Daniel

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