Laura Griffin, Holistic Counsellor

Laura in a Nut Shell

Laura is an accredited holistic counsellor and yoga teacher who is passionate about helping others develop the confidence it takes to speak their own truth, cultivate the courage to listen and live from the heart, while learning to love themselves unconditionally along the way.

Laura’s unique approach to Counselling
heal (v.)
Old English hælan ” make whole” ,” from Proto-Germanic *hailjan, literally “to make whole.”

Laura’s practice is one of a healing journey rather than the idea of “cure” or “fix.”
Over the years of private practice Laura continues to be asked the question “what is self love, and what do I need to do to have it?” It has been through her experience of working therapeutically with people of all shapes, colours and sizes as well as through her own personal healing journey where Laura has learned that true self love comes from the integration of all parts of ourselves.
What this means is to bring a sense of acceptance, forgiveness and gentleness to parts that we usually disregard, disown or feel ashamed of – known in psychotherapy as The Shadow Self.
Laura recognises that her role as a counsellor is to provide a safe, supportive, non-judgemental relationship with people and welcomes all to her practice who are curious about creating change in their lives.

Laura believes that no two persons are alike and therefore embraces a diverse skill set to support the individuality of those she works with.

Tools in Laura’s belt

Talk based therapy


Laura is located at 357 Nicholson Street, Carlton and practices on Tuesday afternoons. To book an appointment please contact The Urban Alchemist on 9347 9247 or book online. If you would prefer a discussion with Laura prior to making an appointment you can contact her by email at

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