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hypnotherapy-carltonHypnosis is a totally natural state of mind. Hypnosis is a very relaxing, similar to the wonderful feeling when you are lying in your bed and you are so overcome with comfort that you wish the moment could last forever. Using simple relaxation-based techniques it becomes easy, with the help of a trained hypnotherapist, to visualise yourself becoming healthier, happier, more confident, and more in control. What hypnotherapists do is, by definition, therapeutic.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, proven, and effective tool for directly accessing the power of the subconscious mind, utilising the positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You will always be in control of your mind or body with a trained Hypnotherapist and your conscious mind is deeply relaxed, allowing the subconscious mind to come to the forefront.

Can I really be hypnotised?

Many people think that since they have never been to a hypnotherapist they have never been hypnotised. The reality is that most of us have experienced a state of hypnosis.

For example, when you drive a long distance and start to feel dissociated from your body and the car, that’s a mild state of hypnosis. Your unconscious is taking care of all the mechanical aspects of driving while your conscious mind is free to float around. If you have experienced any meditation, or even deep breathing in a yoga class, you have actually be performing self-hypnosis.

What can hypnotherapy help me with?

Hypnotherapy can help with many issues, such as:

  • Releasing and managing stress, tension, anxiety or panic
  • Learning or increasing relaxation
  • Letting go of the past
  • Weight management – slimming, increasing or body shaping
  • Overcoming sleep difficulties or insomnia
  • Giving up habits and addictive behaviours, such as smoking
  • Overcoming fears and phobias such as heights, elevators, water, or insects
  • Developing self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Controlling pain through self-hypnosis

How does it all work?

Hypnotherapy is a two-way process between the therapist and the client: A professional partnership. You cannot be hypnotised unless you agree and cooperate – this is very important to remember. Whilst hypnotised, nobody can make you do anything which you do not want to do.

The first stage of a hypnotherapy consultation will generally involve an informal chat and some questions from the therapist to discuss the nature of the issue and your overall goals.

It is also important to gather personal information such as sleeping patterns, lifestyle information, medical symptoms or medication, and any treatments involving other healthcare providers. An explanation of how the hypnotherapy process will work is then given, establishing a plan for your treatment. This is then followed by your first hypnotherapy session.

The hypnotherapist’s guiding voice, will lead you into a state where your body and mind are relaxed, allowing the subconscious mind to be engaged. To an observer it may seem as if you were asleep but in fact, you will remain awake enough to be aware of those parts of your mind which the therapist is working with to facilitate beneficial change. You may even be visualising the things that are being spoken of as if you were in a daydream, and you may experience pleasant, warm feelings. If at any time you feel uncomfortable and want to terminate the session, then you will be perfectly capable of doing so.

There is always time left at the end of the session for you to ask questions or to discuss any experiences you had whilst you were in the relaxed, hypnotic state, as well as a summary of the session and any developments which may have been made during your session.

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) explores the relationship between language, behaviour and excellence. It is a model used to identify and analyse the linguistic techniques used subconsciously by successful people, in order to produce a personalised process for excellence.

NLP looks at your attitude, language and your use of it, your understanding of relationships and how you build rapport, as well as the physical and emotional states that are best for you to accomplishing a task. Effective communication and perception of others and ourselves is also a key focus and is examined so that strategies for improving understanding, motivation, learning and remembering can be formed. NLP is an effective tool to help you communicate more effectively with yourself and others.

How many sessions will I need?

The duration of therapy will be dependant on your personal circumstances and the reason for your visit. Some issues, such as smoking cessation or weight management, are best delivered as a series of 3-4 sessions where key parts of the issue are addressed. Other issues however, may better suit a longer-term approach with regular weekly sessions over e few months. Your hypnotherapist will let you know how many sessions they feel you might need, and will be flexible when it comes to decreasing or extending the number of sessions to correlate with your progress and needs. Hypnotherapy is a two-way process and is focussed on resolving specific issues, not continued therapy

Can I talk about my specific needs?

Yes! Just as we are all unique so are our subconscious patterns. It is important part of the process to discuss how our therapist can help you make lasting and positive change in your life. Please call us for more information.

Within the subconscious mind resides our imagination, emotions, memories, automatic body responses, habit patterns, and our most deeply held beliefs about ourselves and what we believe is possible for us.

It is these deeply held patterns and beliefs that drive the decisions we make and shape our lives and the quality of our perceptions. When we desire to make a lasting, positive change in our lives, it is these subconscious patterns that we must change.


Prices vary according to the practitioner and length of treatment. Please visit our Online Bookings page or call our clinic for further information. Hicaps private health insurance claiming is available for those clients holding private health insurance coverage on Hypnotherapy.

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