Intuitive Energetic Healing

Intuitive Energetic Healing

Felicia Newbury, Intuitive Energetic Healer

Have you been feeling lost or really out of sorts lately? Have you been feeling depressed or have a history of depression? Are trying to make changes in your life but keep feeling disappointed due to taking one step forward and five steps back?

This is happening because YOU are a Light Being. You are being called to fully Awaken because humanity needs you!

Felicia’s Soul Purpose is to help Light Beings like YOU to Heal and Awaken, so you can discover your Soul Purpose and help humanity to heal. Our human side (Remember: We are Light Beings having a Human Experience), always fears the change that must happen but once you are in the flow … You’ll feel so free! You’ll never feel alone again!

Felicia was guided to create the “I AM” Healing Modality to help fast track your healing and help you awaken to the collective consciousness. This unique healing combines Reiki, Energy, Candle, Crystal, Sound, Alchemical, Rainbow, Vibration and Magnified Healings. As well as Past/Present Life Regression, NLP, Breathing Exercises, Affirmations and Spiritual Messages (Primarily from Angels but could be from Guides or Spirits).

In this 2 hour Healing Session, Felicia will start off by removing negative energy from your aura and chakras, then rebalancing/opening your chakras and getting your energy flowing more freely. Once this is complete, Felicia will help you to overcome and remove whatever fears and blocks you have right now, which are holding you back from awakening. This could be a safely guided past or present life regression, as well as a deep understanding of where you are now and where you need to be. Felicia will intuitively help you heal so you can awaken yourself, step into your greatness and fulfill your Soul Purpose in this lifetime. You’ll walk away from the session feeling more alive and more aware of why you are here on Earth. (Remember: With awareness comes clarity and with clarity comes understanding.)

Right now YOU are seeking a solution and asking for signs. Well, this is your sign from the Angels. Are you ready to set yourself free? Let Felicia help you Heal by making a booking today and committing to your long term success.

Gratitude, Love, Light, Healing and Blessings for you dear one.

Fees & introductory offer

“I AM” Healing – 2hrs – usually $555. Introductory offer June only $333.

Our Intuitive Energetic Healer

Felicia Newbury