Felicia Newbury, Intuitive Energetic Healer

Felicia Newbury is a Gifted Intuitive Energetic Healer and Spiritual Messenger, whose Soul Purpose is to help Light Beings like YOU, to Heal and Awaken.

Felicia created her own unique healing modality called “I AM” Healing because she believes that using multiple healing techniques in one session, has a much greater impact and a much greater ability to fast track your healing and awakening.

As a Spiritual Messenger, Felicia can give you messages from the Angels (As well as Guides and Spirits) but more specifically from your main Angel helping you at the time of healing. These angels have different colours associated with them, specific duties they are assigned and specific time-frames they are guiding you for. (e.g. Usually a Knowledge Angel, who helps you with Ideas, Creativity and Writing, is depicted in a shade of Blue and can be with you for 6 moons/months)

Felicia has the gift to take you safely through Present and Past Life Regressions. More often than not, the major blocks you feel in this lifetime are from the negative energies associated with a negative life experience. Felicia will intuitively take you to the specific date (day/month/year) and explain the circumstances that you need to see, in order to heal this lifetime’s block. (Usually Felicia can see what you see which gives her the ability to guide you more easily if you have issues visualizing and Felicia works with Guides to make the experience much safer).

Felicia can see Auras and Chakras in full colour, which helps her to see if there are any blocks and what emotions they are associated with. (e.g. A murky Green Heart Chakra means you have issues with Love. Whether it’s giving or receiving love, it’s a block that needs to be removed as soon as possible, which Felicia can help you with.)

Fun Facts: Felicia is a Passionate Vegan who loves to both create and cook new recipes, especially related to Chakra and Body Shape Health. Felicia is a 10th Generation Psychic and loves watching Gaiam TV because all programs are spiritually based. Felicia loves working with Crystals and cannot leave home without wearing them.

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Felicia Newbury is available for appointments in Grattan Street, Carlton. To make your appointment with Felicia, call 0429 349 524.