Nutritional Medicine

Food as Medicine

Nutritional Medicine utilises the therapeutic value of food to assist in the treatment of health issues. Your practitioner will look closely at your signs and symptoms in order to offer you relief, and determine and treat their causes. Treatment is then aimed at removing barriers to the healing process, balancing and nurturing a healthy body, and educating you on how you can take more responsibility for your own health and wellness. Treatment plans generally include specialised diet programs, personalised lifestyle advice and nutritional supplementation.

Your initial consultation will include collecting data of your case history and of your presenting health enquiry or issue. The information gathered helps to clarify and order your health needs to create a manageable treatment plan. Follow-up consultations are aimed at monitoring your progress and making any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan as your health needs evolve and change.

The holistic nature of Nutritional Medicine ensures that all areas of your life are included in your health assessment, exploring physical, environmental, social and emotional factors. By providing a holistic, less invasive treatment plan, Nutritional Medicine holds enormous potential to change people’s lives.


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