Rolfing Bei Yin Carlton NorthWhat is Rolfing

Rolfing is a form of deep tissue work that systematically releases stress patterns in the body, freeing the body from chronic pain and holding patterns, restoring ease of movement and the feeling of lightness, fluidity and ease.

The human structure, however balanced or imbalanced, holds the way that we perceive, process and respond to the world. As the Rolfing process frees the body from inefficient physical holding patterns, a person also detaches from entrenched habits and becomes open to adopting different, often more uplifting attitudes, belief systems and behavior patterns.

Individuals who have experienced physical pain that cannot be explained or addressed by conventional medicine often find Rolfing useful as the source of pain may be emotional or spiritual.

It’s all about balance

Most bodies are in a state of imbalance. Imbalances can be attributed to factors such as:

  • injuries that never fully recovered and/or physical compensations in response to the original injury
  • lifestyles that demand repeated use or disuse of certain parts of the body
  • adopting belief systems or patterns of behavior during our formative years that no longer serve us in the present context.

These factors can cause tissue to lose flexibility, elasticity, length and resilience. Rolfing can restore our tissue, allowing it to become soft, rehydrated and pliable and allow our tissue to release bones that have been pulled out of place or emotions and trauma that have become stuck in the body.

Common types of chronic imbalances include lordosis, kyphosis or scoliosis of the back, bowed legs, knocked knees, rolled shoulders, forward protruding neck, hump back, high arches and flat feet.

The Rolfing process

Rolfing Bei Yin Carlton NorthRolfing systematically releases unnecessary tension through a structured series of sessions.

After a conversation about the client’s history during the initial session, a visual assessment is made of the client’s structure from four sides (front, back, left side, right side) in underwear. This assessment allows a tailored sequence of sessions for realignment to be designed. The sessions themselves take place on a bodywork table.

The number of sessions can vary significantly between individuals. Most people require approximately 10 – 12 sessions. However, individuals who regularly perform symmetry-based training or have a life long spiritual practice have repeatedly shown to require fewer sessions. Individuals living sedentary lifestyles and/or have spent many years performing repeated motions with poor form may require more sessions.


Each session is $180 and takes roughly 1 hour.


“As a former athlete in competitive show jumping, I suffered high impact falls that resulted in concussions, lower back injuries and a pelvic fracture that left me in near constant pain. My entire life changed to accommodate the pain. Rolfing treatments with Bei not only resolved physical imbalances that caused the pain but also unraveled deep-seated behavioral patterns that limited my sense of wellbeing and happiness.”
– Dani Hoogland (Industrial Designer)

“When I started Rolfing sessions with Bei, I had extremely high-arched feet and an exaggerated pelvic rotation that created severe lordosis. My body ached all the time and it was difficult for me to perform basic functions such as standing and walking. Bei dedicated herself to aligning my structure. With each passing session, muscular tension and buried emotions released from my body, leaving me feeling more at ease. Bei’s dedication, support and endless patience not only helped me become pain free and happy but also to become an athlete!”
– Lior Paritzky (Former marketing professional now bodybuilder)

“Bei is truly a gifted and wonderful Rolfing practitioner. I was amazed at how powerful a Rolfing session could be! I had profound sessions that released energies anchored deep within my body, which resulted in powerful shifts in my relationships with family! Bei is a wonderful, insightful and caring person whose knowledge and skill can help anyone interested in accessing a deeper understanding of themselves and their bodies.”
– Ingrid Tonon (Entrepreneur) 

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