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Sports Massage For Muscle Recovery After Exercise

Sports Massage

Sports Massage & DOMS Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is exercise-related muscle pain. DOMS develops after excessive and unaccustomed exercise. It often occurs after eccentric exercise, where the muscles are contracting whilst lengthening, for example, the downward phase of a bicep curl. What Causes DOMS After Exercise? DOMS is caused by tiny tears in the muscle …

4 Reasons Why Bowen Therapy and Naturopathy are Besties

By Fiona Budini, Myotherapist and Bowen Therapist Bowen Therapy and Naturopathy. The perfect partnership. A match made in heaven! They work so well together in fact, that a lot of Naturopaths ALSO do Bowen. In some Naturopathy schools Bowen is even an elective! So why is it these two magical modalities work so well together? …