Alex Carpenter, Holistic Remedial Massage Therapist

Alex Carpenter, Remedial Massage Therapist

In my sessions, I work on the whole body as one, so you may receive a combination of modalities or perhaps just one. My aim is for you to have walk out feeling balanced and ready to face the world.

With almost twenty years of experience in remedial massage and reflexology, my passion is helping to restore your health and vitality to improve your overall well-being.

I work intuitively, with an emphasis on balancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects to encourage your body to direct your own healing.

My massage is specifically tailored for you in the safe healing space I create. During your session, you may receive a blend of relaxation, remedial and sports massage techniques coupled with Reiki, cupping and other energetic balancing techniques.

It may also be the case that you receive a dose of Reflexology on my massage table. This incredible therapy is actually where I began my journey of supporting people through holistic living in 2002. I just love this unintrusive but powerful modality. By relaxing and soothing your feet and working on different reflex points that correlate to organs, glands and body parts we can stimulate blood flow, release tension and allow your feet alone to tell me the story of your health and emotional state.

You can book Reflexology as a standalone session should you desire.

As a trained Death Doula, I am accustomed to working with people in states of grief. I’m also trained in Oncology and Palliative Care massage. It is my privilege to work with people in trauma, clients who are in health crises, those nearing the end of their lives, and those walking with someone who is.