Brooke Frances, Sacred Masculine Bodyworker

Brooke FrancesBrooke is a Sacred Masculine Bodywork practitioner, offering embodied intimacy guidance to men.

Through this powerful work, she helps men to connect more deeply with themselves and to cultivate a healthy connection with their own body and masculinity.

Brooke brings a state of embodied feminine presence, depth, authentic connection and integrity to each session.

Sacred Masculine Bodywork is designed to allow men to fully receive and to feel nurtured and supported. It is helpful for men who want to:

  • Get out of their head and into their body
  • Experience their intimacy potential
  • Develop a closer relationship with their partner
  • Cultivate a healthy connection with their body and masculinity

Naturally highly intuitive, Brooke’s sessions draw from wisdom gained through training in Sacred Intimate Bodywork, Lomi-lomi massage, Tantric yoga, Sacred Circle Facilitation, Reiki, Pranic healing, Kinesiology, Crystal Dreaming and Psychic/mediumship development.