Claire Gazzo, Shiatsu Therapist and Energy Healer

Claire Gazzo, Shiatsu Therapist and Energy Healer
Claire Gazzo, Shiatsu Therapist and Energy Healer

Hello, I’m Claire. I help my clients clear heavy energy out of their bodies using a variety of modalities, including beautiful hands-on bodywork and more intuitive and esoteric practices that become clear as each client enters the room.

In each session, I entwine grounding bodywork with a variety of intuitive  Energy Healing techniques to relax your nervous system and decrease physical pain, as well as shifting dense or heavy energies, feelings, and belief patterns from your body. Blockages like these may have you feeling stuck, unable to move forward, holding onto traumatic events, or in physical pain.

I value holding a warm and nurturing space for my clients where they may unwind and let go of pain and the heavy things they may have been carrying, sometimes for a long time.

My formal training is grounded in beautiful Shiatsu massage, and my sessions are based upon this deeply nourishing Eastern therapy. The hands-on part of your treatment may include deep tissue work, acupressure, cupping, and moxibustion.

A session usually begins with discovering the root cause of what’s affecting you. We will then spend our time together gently working with your body and guiding any negative energy out of your being at your own pace, within our safe space.

I use a framework that allows for processing of trauma without the need to go into it. I feel there is no need to ‘go back’ to the past to clear old wounds – a noted ‘recognition’ of pain is enough to facilitate a great shift. This recognition and understanding allows the unlocking of neural pathways for repatterning.

Sometimes a loved one who has passed on may come through with a certain message, which can be an added support to help facilitate the shift.