Donna Benke, Energy Worker

Donna Benke, Energy Worker

Donna is a true energetic healer. She works through a ‘felt’ sense – a ‘knowing’ of what is.


She works with her higher self, your higher self, the sacred flames, Elohim, Ascended Masters, Devic kingdom, plant kingdom and tree kingdom. Donna specialises in trauma release.

Donna’s learning has been a wild ride. She’s spent 20 years travelling the world to some incredibly sacred locations where she’s heeded a personal call to purify and align the Earth’s harmonics and energy grid systems. This work is necessary to shift traumas from Earth’s vibrational field.

On her travels, Donna has explored many plant medicines and been gifted many of the ancient teachings of the plants and the Earth. In her treatments, these teachings come through as sound frequencies and her clients perceive them as ‘shiftings’ within the body. Most of Donna’s healings are vibrational sequences delivered in light language.

Donna carries certain coding and vibrations that she uses in activation to awaken new templates for our diamond frequency upgrades. She has spent years learning how the human body is programmed and learning the mapping of how pathways are established through traumas. Through this, she has been gifted techniques where she works to re-establish those pathways, disconnections and misconnections in our brain maps and central nervous system.

Donna’s sessions are designed around sound frequency, colour and crystalline geometry. Sheuses her hands energetically and on occasion will place them on your body depending on what is called for.

Donna aims for each session to be felt by the client, yet gentle. She aims to achieve as many shiftings as possible each time she works with her clients. Together, you will bring through activations which are designed to awaken you to your ancient wisdom and heart magic.


Donna will design an individual session for each client – no two sessions are ever the same. The mystery of your session will unfold as it unfolds!

Donna’s therapy sessions change periodically.