Donna Cameron, Psychologist

Donna Cameron, Psychologist

Donna Cameron (formerly Donna Hughes) is a Registered Psychologist and full Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Donna has experience in private practice and has been working as a psychologist for more than 10 years with clients ranging in age from 2 to 90.

Donna has spent years working for the Department of Child Safety protecting children from abuse and in the prison system facilitating programs to offenders. She continues to work with the legal system regularly writing family reports to help the court determine custody schedules for children and parents.

Donna is accredited to facilitate the Triple P Parenting Program, she can assist clients with parenting information and strategies.

Donna feels that treating a range of mental health problems can be easily achieved in the short term, it does not need to take years. It can address simple issues such as communication difficulties, problems in dealing with anger and rage, substance addictions, fears and anxieties. In more complicated cases psychology can help clients with issues such as depression, grief and loss and abuse whether this be sexual, physical, mental or emotional.

Donna’s therapy style is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. Both these therapy styles focus on the therapist identifying the negative thinking patterns that are occurring in the client’s life and then teaching them the skills to dispute and remove these behaviours. She also encourages clients to use behavioural techniques such as relaxation, deep breathing and exercise to reduce the stress in their lives and in doing this they will increase their concentration, memory and will be more in control of their emotions.