Dr. Tracy Kopp, Chiropractor

Dr Tracy Kopp, Chiropractor
Dr Tracy Kopp, Chiropractor

Dr. Tracy Kopp has worked in Chiropractic for over a decade in both Brisbane and Melbourne. She treats both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

When clients arrive for the first time, they are often in pain. Tracy draws on a variety of techniques to effectively calm the nervous system and restore balance. A Chiropractic adjustment can improve joint movement, reduce discomfort and improve flexibility so you feel better. Massage and gentle muscle energy techniques are used alongside the adjustment to encourage and speed healing.

Tracy Kopp is highly experienced in treating neck and shoulder pain, headaches and lower back pain. Combining gentle manipulations with massage therapy allows for safe and effective reduction in pain and return to normal function. Tracy also has a focus on foot and knee pain and many clients report improvement in their condition after one or two sessions.

Tracy works from a holistic perspective, taking into account many aspects of the client’s health and lifestyle. Stress, mindset, and posture all contribute to musculoskeletal problems. Becoming aware of these causes and addressing them helps us get great results. Likewise, diet and prescribed exercise can to get you back to your best quickly.

Tracy studies biopsychosocial influences on health. She has a strong interest in issues related to reproductive and sexual function. Tracy works to empower clients with information and understanding of these contributing factors, because they must be addressed to achieve long-term wellbeing. Tracy is the co-founder of Fierce Bitches’ Lady Palace, a badass community for strong women.