Elyse Walker, Kinesiologist and Naturopath

Elyse Walker, Kinesiologist and Embodiment CoachElyse is a qualified Naturopath (BHSc), Kinesiologist (Dip.), Bowen therapist (Cert), Embodiment guide and Energy Medicine practitioner.

She is an expert at helping clients find their deepest truth. This may mean asking big questions, like ‘Why am I here?’, or it could be looking for solutions to difficult life situations that have arisen.


Elyse is highly skilled at helping you achieve wellness and vitality using evidence-based Naturopathic medicine. Naturopathy can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and diagnosed illnesses and can be used safely in conjunction with Western medicine.

Naturopaths consider your diet, lifestyle and other factors such as metabolism and genetics in making a diagnosis and treatment plan. They’ll be interested in results of any recent blood tests you’ve had, and may order functional tests that give precise information not considered by medical doctors. Naturopaths go on a detailed hunt through your health history to help you find answers.

To eliminate symptoms and address the cause of your health problem, Elyse uses dietary modifications, supplements and powerful herbal remedies where needed.


Kinesiology can help with breaking habits, moving through grief and pain and overcoming feelings of being stuck.

Elyse combines Kinesiology with a range of other techniques to support the reclamation, integration and embodiment of who you really are in the world. She draws on her extensive training and ongoing personal explorations to help people in the realms of soul, purpose, eros, sexuality and conscious relating.

Elyse is devoted to rebirth of healthy eros and sexuality in our society. She holds the vision of an erotically empowered world in which each person feels fully alive and aroused by themselves and their lives.