Freya Campbell-Baker, Intuitive Massage Therapist

Freya Campbell-Baker
Freya Cambpell-Baker, Intuitive Massage Therapist

An excellent massage can help you ground more deeply in your body, let go of  any anxiety and tension you’re carrying, and welcome this present moment, whatever that looks like for you.

I create a truly bespoke, whole-body experience combining whole-body, luxurious massage and energetic healing. I offer reiki, bodywork and chakra balancing to reset your nervous system.

I’m professionally trained in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Swedish and Hot Stone massage and I draw on all of these techniques in my sessions to offer a blissful, therapeutic and profoundly healing bodywork experience. My intention is to move you out of your head and into your body, helping you to regulate your nervous system and enter a state of deep relaxation.

I’m passionate about nurturing each of my clients with caring and compassionate service from the moment they climb onto my massage table. 

As an intuitive, I follow my felt sense to bring forward whatever’s appropriate to work with where you are at. Delving into my experience as an energy healer and yogi, I work with your body to remove blockages and help you remember ease and flow. I deeply trust the healing qualities of massage and continue to learn new methods and techniques to improve health, spiritual and emotional wellbeing to bring harmony to body and mind.