Ian Berry, Lomi Lomi and Relaxation Massage Therapist

Ian Berry, Relaxation Massage therapistHi there, I’m Ian. I’m a Lomi Lomi and Relaxation Massage Therapist with a passion for helping people ‘drop into’ their physical body through touch and nurturing.

My aim in every session is to hold a grounded, nourishing space to help you to fully let go and come home to your body and breath. My massage is deep and rhythmic, and these qualities help you remember the part of you that is present, calm and centred.

I work with a variety of techniques including Lomi Lomi, deep tissue and Swedish massage, relaxation and energetic balancing techniques and bring these together to create a unique, soothing experience in every session.

I hold deep reverence for the natural world and appreciate the healing potential of plants and non-traditional practices.

In my spare time, I love photographing, identifying and learning the uses of wild plants and mushrooms.