Jacqui Sterling, Ka Huna Massage therapist and Sound therapist

Jacqui beautifully entwines the practice of Ka Huna massage with Sound therapy with Yogic principles in her treatments to bring harmony and deep healing to mind, body and spirit.

Jacqui Sterling - Ka Huna Massage and Sound therapist
Jacqui Sterling, Ka Huna Massage and Sound therapist

Jacqui’s warmth, authenticity and peaceful spirit allow her clients to deeply relax into her treatments. She patiently guides healing, holding a safe space for whatever her client brings to the session.

Ka Huna alone encourages release of tension, stress and emotions that no longer serve (think grief, trauma, anxiety and depression).

Jacqui encourages a deeper release through elements of sound on the body. Using voice, Himalayan singing bowls and percussion, sound vibrations are created during the treatment that help to restore beneficial physical responses.

Jacqui is an accomplished musician and performer. She has a wealth of life experience that brings real depth to her work with her clients.

“Jacqui’s smile and warm heart shines upon everyone who comes in her presence. Her beautiful voice and sound healing techniques which she has developed over many years, provides such an amazing experience to heal and nurture the soul combined with her Ka Huna massage which she truly creates as an artform to make you feel loved and nurtured “ Vanessa Asthbury (Island Days Phillip Island)

To learn more about her or read more reviews visit her on facebookwww.facebook.com/alohahealingtherapies