Renee Willner, Deep Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Renee Willner Deep relaxation massage therapist
Renee Willner, Deep Relaxation and Prenatal massage therapist

Renee is a trained Deep tissue and Prenatal massage therapist and Yoga Teacher with a passion for facilitating mind/body/spirit connection.

Her holistic massage treatments incorporate a range of clinical and energy healing techniques including: swedish massage, deep relaxation, Tui Na, PNF stretching, trigger point  therapy and reiki.

Renee’s passion for Yoga and soft tissue work ensure a unique and personalised experience with close attention to comfort, flow and breath.

She can assist you to keep your healing moving with helpful take-home poses that can assist with mobility and strength.

Renee believes that by ‘tuning in’ to the body’s self healing mechanisms through breath, yoga and soft tissue therapy, vital energy will flow through the body’s innate pathways restoring balance and reconnection to one’s true nature.