Ricky van den Ende, Naturopath

Ricky van den Ende, Naturopath
Ricky van den Ende, Naturopath

With a deep focus on Men’s Health, I am a degree-qualified naturopath dedicated to making you feel your best.

By considering you as a unique individual and as a whole, I will look beyond symptoms and we will work together towards your well-being goals and support you on your health journey.

I work with men who are:
– Overweight
– Underperforming
– Stressed out
– Anxious
– Exhausted
– Frustrated

Conditions this could look like:
– Cardiovascular disease
– Diabetes
– Erectile Dysfunction
– Fatigue
– Anxiety

I will use a wide range of natural therapies combining naturopathic wisdom & modern science to identify and treat underlying causes of illness and address your health concerns.

I have an undying curiosity for the inner workings of your body, and mind. I want to help you find the “why” of your health issues and together we will work to restore your optimum health.