Shannon Primmer, Energy Healer and Lomi Lomi Therapist

Shannon Primmer, Lomi Lomi therapist and Energy Healer

Shan is a passionate Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi massage therapist who combines her strong background in deep tissue massage with energetic healing . Her approach has developed over many years of service and she is deeply committed to intuitive, holistic bodywork. In her own words, “massage is my calling and my art form”.

Working with people holding both physical and emotional discomfort, Shan aims to reduce pain and encourage tension release and purging when necessary. Her sessions are gentle and nourishing.

Shan has an interest in trauma release work and breaking ancestral patterning. Her sessions may support people working on these areas of life.

Using a combination of deep tissue, Swedish, relaxation, Lomi Lomi massage techniques, Shan tailors each experience to her client. She applies focus and intention as she works to relieve areas of energetic blockage and muscle tension. As a Reiki practitioner, she uses Energetic Intention and Eastern Philosophy to influence her sessions. Shan also offers lymphatic drainage and prenatal massage.

Shan has studied massage in Australia, England and Indonesia.