Simonne Becerra, Sacred Tantric Bodyworker

Simonne Becerra, Sacred Tantric Bodyworker
Simonne Becerra, Sacred Tantric Bodyworker

Hi there! I’m Simonne, who is here to offer a sacred space for singles and couples open to new experiences or wanting to improve their connection to themselves and others. I’m a masseuse and tantric bodyworker with 7 years experience in Thai traditional massage, Remedial Massage, Lomi Lomi, and extensive training in authentic Tantra practices. I have been a student of Tantra in Greece, Thailand, and Australia and have been practicing for the last 6 years.

My background is Latin American; I’ve been back and forth between both my cultures and over 15 countries where I’ve worked and volunteered as a range of titles which have helped me develop a passionate sense of self which I translate through my practice.

This one-on-one session, held in respectful, safe and supportive space, will focus on our intimacy through the Tantric perspective. This perspective is based on ancient principles of Tantra and encompasses modern Neo-Tantra exercises that will help to bridge intimacy through conscious touch and deep communication.

Alongside this, you will also experience a hypnotic journey with a strong focus on finding your potential for companionship, expanding your sensual experiences and letting go of what no longer serves us.

Together we will work to understand the journey that brought you here, what goals we want to achieve, and specific concerns you want to address.

Our session will include 3 key elements:
– Breathing exercises that will help bring focus to the present, rekindle your connection to yourself and/or your partner
– A full body massage to relax and release tension
– A series of tantric poses to bring the consciousness into the present, help to unlock inner power and achieve a deeper sense of self during the intimate experience

Some of the outcomes of working with me are:
– Helping the body to release tension and relieves the stress surrounding intimacy and connection
– Explore the power of conscious touch
– Learn how to communicate your deepest feelings and strengthen the relationship with yourself
– Reclaim the sensual energy that has always been with you
– Learning how to increase and nurture your inner force
– Removing any masks and improving your body image
– Discovering the joy of knowing how to connect with others
– Examining and changing the habits and patterns that get in the way of love and intimacy