Lovely staff, amazing service... Beautiful Molly the dog sometimes greets you at reception with her big, bright eyes and calm and peaceful quiet nature.
I was carrying around chronic pain that I thought I would never get rid of. I’m managing to stay pain-free through the week now and I’m over the moon!
I am amazed and awe struck at how massages can be deeply intuitive, powerful and effective.
- S.A.
I felt safe, heard, validated and a little less alone.
Truly the best therapeutic and deep relaxation massage I have had. Highly recommended!
Fantastic practitioners. Gorgeous rooms. Owned & operated by a locally-living Goddess of sorts. This place is a real wellness centre!
Everyone who works here is full of knowledge and I love the happy vibes.
Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. Have already booked in for my next one.

Eastern Birth Chart Reading Carlton North

What is Chinese Birth Chart reading (Ba Zi)?

Think of Ba Zi as an ancient form of DNA. Through observations of interactions in nature, Chinese Sages found patterns that predicts virtues, fortune and bodily constitution.

Just like astrological horoscopes – formulated by your unique birth time, day, month, year, and location, your Ba Zi birth chart outlines the predispositions you may have physically, mentally and spiritually. It also acts as fortune telling device that can help guide you through important decisions in life.

The Ba Zi birth chart’s system is based on the solar calendar with its 24 solar terms and the sexagenary cycle, a time-keeping system that is unique to (but not limited to) China. All cultures once used similar methods to calculate time before clocks and phones were readily available. The concept of measuring time became possible only because humans learned to observe the cycles in the sky and the cosmos. A year was measured by the circling of the Big Dipper; a month was measured by moon cycle; a day was measured by earth’s rotation.

Reading Birth Charts is no different from reading nature’s laws and how they unfold – the unfolding follows a pattern that repeats itself. It is this belief that allowed the Chinese sages to develop methods of forecasting for one’s life, and you will find that this is true for different forms of astrology from other civilizations. The work of Hindu sages allowed for Vedic astrology to develop, and Ptolemy’s work on astronomy gave birth to the Western astrology we know of today.

We look to the birth chart for guidance, not for answers.

In order to work on supplementing or releasing the imbalances in our lives, we need to first understand what they are.

Birth Chart reading is never an absolute or set-in-stone answer, because of our free will and ability to change whatever situation we have found ourselves in.

So, although we cannot change our birth, we can make decisions and choices that can rebalance our psyche and body.

Whether they come in the form of energy healing, lifestyle changes, rituals or traditional therapies, there are ways that we can tune into the body.


  • 60 minutes ~ $150