Embodied Kinesiology

KinesiologyKinesiology is a growing field in which practitioners help to get you in touch with your emotional body and unconscious aspects of yourself that may be blocking you from moving forward. Sessions are designed to reconnect you to your ‘inner knowing’ and engage the power of all that you are.

Embodied Kinesiology often explores themes including:

  • Reconnecting to the wisdom of your body
  • Living through your inner knowing
  • Reclaiming what’s been hidden away (the dark and the light)
  • Making peace with the past
  • Creating boundaries and honouring your needs
  • Cultivating deep intimacy with yourself and others
  • Opening up to pleasure and authentic desire
  • Exploring your erotic nature and what it means to live an erotic life
  • Feeling resourced and connected to the riches of your life
  • Engaging your soul purpose and sharing your unique gifts with the world
  • Leading through embodied experience
  • Navigating transitions and times of change (including the dark night of the soul)

Kinesiology calls upon access the wisdom and gifts of every part of you, so you to create deep and lasting change.

Using biofeedback (muscle testing), the practitioner is able to communicate with your body, mind and spirit.

There is no limit to what can be explored with these tools. You may have a specific goal in mind or come with a vague sense that something needs to change for you to live your most authentic, pleasurable life.

These sessions are an invitation to explore and embody the mysterious realms of soul, purpose, eros and conscious humanity in a practical and tangible way.

Sessions are deeply intuitive and guided by your unique needs and desires.

Tools that may be used include:

  • Embodiment practices
  • Energy medicine
  • Re-patterning and de-conditioning
  • Shadow work
  • Archetypal exploration
  • Ritual and ceremony
  • Creative imagination journeys
  • Sacred sexuality & therapeutic pleasure
  • Bodywork
  • You will receive a pre-session questionnaire, home play suggestions, other resources and email check in with each session.


  • Initial consultation ~ 90 minutes ~ $170
  • 60 minutes ~ $120
  • Discounts are available when you sign up for a package (contact Elyse at admin@elysewalker.com.au or on 0450 524 323 for more information).