Jungian Psychotherapy

Jungian Psychotherapy is an analytical, in-depth form of psychotherapy that recognizes both conscious and unconscious (or deeper) parts of a person’s being. It is interested in more than just ‘symptom reduction’… seeing symptoms, instead, as meaningful symbolic communication from the psyche.  In Jungian therapy clients are called to delve into these deeper and emergent parts of the self.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – C.G.Jung

Originating from the works of Carl Jung in the early 20th century (and developed by many Post-Jungian’s since), Jungian Psychotherapy, along with Freud, recognises the importance of early life experiences in the creation of a personal unconscious. Jung’s particular insight, however, was the recognition of the existence of a deep psychic space or ‘collective unconscious’ that includes both cultural and universal elements.

Within Jungian Psychotherapy one of the main psychological tasks of life is seen as ‘individuation’ – a process of integrating both the conscious and deeper (or unconscious) parts of ourselves.  Jung used alchemy as a symbolic representation both for this process of individuation and for the importance of therapeutic relationship or ‘container’ that is required for change to occur.

Our Jungian Psychotherapist

Rebeka Harriott, Psychotherapist
Rebeka Harriott, Psychotherapist

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