Kink Coaching

Have you been wondering how to translate your fantasies into realities? 

Is someone in your life proposing activities you aren’t 100% confident with, or are curious about but need to understand better? 

Our Kink Coaching practitioners have extensive experience in a vast array of kink, BDSM, and fetish activities. 

In a session, you may be coached in the ‘soft skills’ of negotiation, boundaries, and consent, and how to construct a ‘scene’ or initiate new interests into your partnership/s.  Safety is practiced through the ethics of RACK – Risk Aware Conscious Kink. 

Please note that by its very nature, kink can be dangerous.  Educating oneself in the skills and inherent risks of kink is incumbent on all participants to ensure an ‘as safe as possible’ play practice.  With these skills, so many more pathways to pleasure and play are possible… 

~ Please note these sessions are for your educational benefit only and are not sexual or erotic services.

Kink Coaching Clifton Hill, Brunswick and Fitzroy

At The Urban Alchemist we offer Kink Coaching and other services to clients from Clifton Hill, Brunswick and Fitzroy. Our clinic is easy to access from other surrounding areas too, including Northcote, Collingwood and Brunswick East. Our practitioners are that good we have many return clients that visit us regularly from all over Melbourne and regional Victoria especially for our alternative treatments.


  • 90 minutes ~ $350