Sacred Tantric Bodywork for Men

Male BodyworkFeeling unhappy? Disconnected? Craving touch?

We all know that touch and connection are an essential part of life. Without it, we can find ourselves in places of deep unhappiness, mental exhaustion and frustration. For some, it may mean pleasure isn’t really being experienced in your life, or you begin to seek it in places that aren’t particularly healthy for you.

Sacred Tantric Bodywork for Men is designed to allow you to fully receive and to feel nurtured and supported. For many, this is new territory.

The Benefits of Sacred Tantric Bodywork

There are many benefits to receiving sacred touch, including

  • to get you out of your head and into your body
  • to allow you to really experience your intimacy potential
  • to support a closer relationship with your partner (if you have one)
  • to cultivate a healthy connection with your own body

Sacred Tantric Bodywork encourages you to connect with your heart and allows you to experience the potential of your own body and energetic system. It can awaken expanded states of connection and consciousness, beyond what you may currently know is possible. It provides you with a pathway to create new levels of intimacy in your life.

What Does Sacred Tantric Bodywork Help With?

This work may be helpful for people who experience blocks with intimacy or an unhealthy relationship with sex or pornography and for those who may have issues relating to that – such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Sacred bodywork can help people unlock new areas of ease and pleasure within their system. Learning how to use breath, sound and movement to move energy through the body allows for greater ease in the nervous system and perhaps a more expanded experience of physical bliss.

Sacred Couples Tantric Bodywork

These one hour sessions are offered to couples who would like to learn the foundations of Sacred Tantric massage as a gift to one another. Both partners attend each session. The number and frequency of sessions can be determined by couples in consultation with their therapist.

Tantric bodywork is a beautiful way to come into deeper presence with your partner, offering the gift of enhanced connection.

Sacred Tantric Bodywork in Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Collingwood

Our Sacred Tantric Massage clients come to us from Carlton North plus surrounding areas, including Fitzroy North, Brunswick, Northcote, and Collingwood. We have loads of clients visit us regularly from all over Melbourne and regional Victoria for our Massage Therapy and other services.


  • 60 minutes ~ $350
  • Couples session ~ 60 minutes ~ $700