Shiva Shakti Massage Experience

Lose yourself in the synchronicity of 4 hands and absorb the masculine and feminine energies of two souls locked in motion, rhythm, symmetry and love. Evoking pleasures and body harmonies, this full body oil massage unites Swedish & Lomi Lomi with Chinese techniques, along with energy/light work and Reiki.

Shiva Shakti Massage

Awakening one’s true sensuality by blissfully rejuvenating self-love, “The Shiva Shakti Experience” stimulates and nurtures the senses while cleansing the energies and rejuvenating the soul.

Provided with the safety, care and professionalism of a team who take their craft seriously and aim to deliver the most comfortable and trusting environment one can find themselves in.

The Shiva Shakti Massage is a truly progressive and energising experience, developed by Sarah and Roy. It’s been offered to delighted patrons at Rainbow Serpent and various other Arts and Lifestyle festivals all over Australia. This unique treatment will have you soaring above it all and bring you gently back to Earth in the warmest, most comforting of ways.

Our Shiva Shakti Massage Practitioners

Roy and Sarah, Shiva Shakti Massage
Roy and Sarah, Shiva Shakti Massage