The Spiral

A powerful process to clear deeply-held emotional baggage and conditioning that holds us back.

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The Spiral combines techniques and teachings from Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Yogic Philosophy, Scale of Consciousness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Spiral Dynamics.

The process was founded by Dane Tomas in 2012 and is now used all over the world.

The Spiral full program and single sessions

You can book a single Spiral clearing session, or undertake the full 8-week life-changing journey known as ‘The Spiral’.

  • The full Spiral program is an 8 week journey that utilises emotional clearing to unlock the emotional blocks at each of level of the chakra system. By completing this process, clients report stepping into a completely new level of empowerment. ‘The Spiral’ functions as a ladder from low levels of consciousness and low vibrational energies to higher levels of consciousness and vibration.
  • Single sessions are generally aimed at a particular area of life, such as relationships, wealth, or career. Here we find the emotional charges on the stories and beliefs that are running your life in these areas, and clear them using a process called ‘emotional clearing’.

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What sets The Spiral apart?

Unlike other processes that focus on removing blocks on a mental level (think coaching, affirmations, visualisations), Spiral work accesses the body’s energy field, allowing the release of emotional blocks that are held in the body. As you free up your emotional body, you in turn free up your ability to start living the life you want.

What to expect from a Spiral session?

Spiral sessions are relatively short (usually between 40 and 60 minutes). In order to get the most from your sessions, you’ll receive homework tasks (including journaling and taking specific action steps) to help solidify and integrate the changes that are taking place.

Whether struggling or super successful, this work has helped people from all walks of life step into a more empowered and authentic version of themselves.

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The Spiral is $1950 for the full 8 week course. This can be paid up front, or on a payment plan.

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