Transition Mentoring

Transition MentoringEvery millisecond of your life, you are in transition. From one thought to another, one emotion to the other, one life phase to the next.

Each transition holding an element of loss, only to make room for the birth of a new perspective on who you are, what your purpose is and how your presence is vital in sustaining the world you live in.

Transition Mentoring adopts an integrated approach to acknowledge, recognise and access the deep wisdom in every loss and life transition experienced.

We all navigate through certain Life Transitions

  • Death of a loved one(s)
  • Moving countries/cities and settling into a new way of life
  • Becoming a mother/father/care giver
  • Changing career paths
  • Taking on a leadership role
  • Single to married life
  • Divorce or break-up
  • Material gain or loss

What shifts can you expect from Transition Mentoring?

  • Gain clarity of your own powerful presence and letting go of hiding behind masks.
  • Have more security and trust in surrendering to the natural flow of life
    Make genuine heart connections without fear of distrust, rejection, or abandonment.
  • Awareness of your innate gifts and talents that you can generously share with the world, without fear of judgement or competition.
  • Ability to practice conscious attachments with people, places and things
    Maintain healthy, powerful and heart centred ways to express the rainbow of emotions held within the human body.
  • Transform your understanding and relationship with loss
    Embody a deeper sense of identity, purpose and belonging, one that is not limited by society

What sets Transition Mentoring apart?

Transition Mentoring builds awareness of your emotional reaction to fear of loss and limiting thought patterns while navigating through life transitions. It provides a sacred space for all of your emotions, the light and the dark, to harmonise and give rise to a deeper acceptance of your mind and body intelligence.

Transition Mentoring will equip you to face all of life with much compassion, strength, courage and a whole lot of grace.

Our Transition Mentor

Pavitra Gurumurthi, Transition Mentor
Pavitra Gurumurthi, Transition Mentor

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Pavitra practices from the Urban Alchemist on Fridays. To get in touch with Pavitra directly please contact, or call Pavitra directly on 0431 161 868 to make an appointment.