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Holistic Medical & Wellness Clinic

The Urban Alchemist offers the very best in physical and structural health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, integrative and holistic medicine, allied health and natural therapies. We offer over 20 modalities across two locations: Nicholson Street, Carlton North and Grattan Street, Carlton. Treatments include Chiropractic, Integrative & Holistic MedicalNaturopathy, Acupuncture, OsteopathyRemedial Massage, MyotherapySports Massage,  Counselling, Clinical PsychologyIntuitive Readings, Life Coaching, Kinesiology, Hahnemann Healing, Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, Empowered Communication Coaching, Nutritional Medicine and Rolfing. Our practitioners also offer a range of transformative and educational workshops.

TUA practitioners are a collective of highly-skilled, passionate and committed therapists, dedicated to assisting, educating and inspiring clients toward excellent health and optimum function.

Our primary commitment is to assist our clients in finding lasting health solutions in a supportive environment. We are realistic and know that improving your health can sometimes feel like a mammoth task. Our therapists make the task as simple and sensible as possible!


What would it feel like to turn your exhausted, sore or grumpy self into a happier, shiny and nurtured ‘You’?  Perhaps you are well on your way with an excellent diet and exercise, but just need that little extra push to feel amazing! Our wonderful practitioners at The Urban Alchemist Carlton North help ordinary folk – and extraordinary folk – achieve their specific health goals by utilising the following therapies:

The Urban Alchemist

Your treatment room

Integrative & Holistic Medical
Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Remedial & Relaxation Massage
Sports Massage
Clinical Psychology
Intuitive Readings
Life Coaching
Hahnemann Healing
Ignite Your Spirit Therapy
Empowered Communication Coaching
Nutritional Medicine

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