Energy Healing Services

Energy healing is a growing field, that encompasses everything from sound healing to reiki and all manner of weird and wonderful. It can sound a bit woo-woo, but the reality is that science is catching up with all the magic that exists in the world and we are beginning to understand the subtle interplay between the energetic vibrations in our bodies and our external environment. True energy healers are ‘divinely-gifted’ humans, who, for whatever reason, can sense aspects of that subtle energy and work with it. Energy work is not the kind of treatment you can measure, but you can experience it and judge the results for yourself.

Energy healing may be of assistance with:

 trauma release
 physical alignments
 removing interferences
 dissolving unnecessary attachments and cords
 establishing new pathways
 integration of new information

Our energy healer – Donna Benke – works from a ‘felt’ sense. Divine guidance and inner vision show her the way. She may take you through dimensions, Star gates and timelines, shifting things that no longer serve from your physicality. She may observe and work with your lineages and vibrational fields, clearing old contracts and outdated learnings that you are looped into.

Her intention as you work together is that sessions are felt, yet gentle. She aims to achieve as many shifts as possible for clients in each session through time and space.

Donna delivers most of her work in light language through vibrational sequences. Donna’s sessions are designed around working with sound frequency, colour and crystalline geometry. She uses her hands energetically and on occasion will place them on your body depending on what is called for.

What is on offer
Donna will discuss your concerns and goals with you to determine how best to approach your case. She will then tailor a personalised session just for you. No two sessions are ever the same.

May include:

 Vibrational alignment
 Deprogramming
 Timeline adjustment
 Crystal Light Bed therapy
 Rebirthing breathwork
 Hands-on alignment

Our Energy healing practitioner 

Donna Benke, Energy Worker
Donna Benke, Energy Worker


Two hour session – highly recommended for your first consultation – $280
One hour session – appropriate for follow-up sessions or by special request – $150