Burn Your Ships

By Tee Kopp, Chiropractor Did you know that when Hernan Cortes – a murderous Spaniard of epic proportions – arrived in Latin America in 1519 with the intention of conquering the Aztec Empire, he instructed his men to burn their ships, leaving them stranded in Mexico? Cortes did this to ensure that his men had …

death loss

3 Reasons Why Grieving the Death of a Loved One is Your Most Crucial Life Transition

This important article about death and grieving is taken from the website of our Transition Mentor, Pavitra Gurumurthi, and can be found here. How often do you spend time curiously pondering about the mysterious yet noticeably wise presence of death in your everyday life? At your birth, life was celebrated with much anticipation, hopes and expectations. Much …

Coping with Winter mornings

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Balinese Massage Therapy Carlton North

The Urban Alchemist Welcomes Elyse Walker, Kinesiologist

Hi Dear Beings! It is with much happiness that we can reveal to you that Elyse Walker, Kinesiologist extraordinaire, is joining our fabulous team. It’s been a while since we’ve offered Kinesiology at The Urban Alchemist. If you’re a fan of this modality, you’ll really want to make a booking with Elyse. If you’ve been wondering …