Evidence-based, holistic wellness therapies.

At The Urban Alchemist, we offer effective, holistic medicine and holistic wellness therapies.  Holistic means that we are not trying to offer you a ‘quick fix’, but rather we are interested in finding the underlying cause of your symptoms.  This is how we help our clients take back control of their health for the long-term.

Community values

When you visit our practice, you’ll know you’ve entered a very special place. The Urban Alchemist is not just a clinic, it’s a community for healing. Our outstanding team of passionate practitioners will offer ongoing support as you return to good health. You’ll become a welcome part of the healthier community we’re building, reaching for our full potential.

We warmly welcome you

Our clinic is at 357 Nicholson Street, Carlton North.  We have tram stops right outside and easy, non-metered parking in surrounding streets.


Over the past four years we have carefully gathered a team of highly experienced medical, complementary and allied health practitioners, including an Integrative GP.  If one of our therapists can’t help you, we will work hard to help you find someone who is the right fit for your case. We believe every person is important, and we believe good health is for all.

Medical Care

Our Integrative GP works alongside a team of great Naturopaths and together they are saving the world from certain gut health disasters. The Narayani Wellness team are specialists in gut health.

Allied Health Care

We have a number of highly experienced psychologists to help you make sense of the nonsense.  Our fully-qualified, professional chiropractor and osteopath are both expert at putting the spring back into your step.

Complementary Treatments

‘Complementary’ therapies were once considered a safe adjunct to traditional medical or musculoskeletal therapy, but guess what? It’s 2018, and these gentle and effective treatments are the first choice of many of our clients.

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Our Practitioners will get you back on track

The Urban Alchemist has many expert practitioners in one location, so we can direct you to the most suitable therapy right away. When you call us, we’ll listen to your health concerns and help you choose which treatment is best for you. Our highly experienced team work together to give you real attention and full support on your road to wellbeing.


Meet the Team

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Call us on 9347 9247 to discuss your treatment and make an appointment. Or simply book online:

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