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Dr Fiona Enkelmann, Integrative G.P.Dr Fiona Enkelmann completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) at the University of Melbourne in 2004. She undertook her residency years in Geelong and focused on generalist training in preparation for volunteer work in Africa in 2007. Fiona commenced training in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Darwin Hospital in 2008 and successfully passed exams in Physiology and Pharmacology. In 2010, Fiona switched to General Practice training and then graduated with a Fellowship of General Practice in 2012. Fiona completed her Masters of Public Health in 2014 and actively engages in continual professional development. She is undertaking further training in nutrition and environmental medicine, including study with the Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine.

Fiona’s experience extends to patients of diverse backgrounds in remote and community health centres in Australia, Nepal and Africa. In doing this work, Fiona realised that wellness and good health is connected to our psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Fiona’s consultation style enables patients to be actively involved in the decision making process, as she is passionate Integrative GP Carlton Northabout supporting and inspiring patients to reach their chosen wellbeing goals. She achieves this through offering longer consultations that integrate conventional medicine, nutritional medicine and counselling, incorporating cognitive behavioural therapy, goal setting, mind body techniques, and emotional based therapies.

Fiona is also a meditation teacher and has undertaken training in energy medicine and spiritual therapies. She became an accredited Ignite Your Spirit (an Energy Medicine based counselling technique) therapist in 2011. Fiona regularly runs comprehensive self-care and wellbeing courses incorporating enabling strategies and practical stress management techniques.

Fiona is the Founder of The Healing Forum, a community focused on creating connection and collaboration between patients, conventional and complementary therapists, to inspire and empower people on their healing journey.

She has particular interest in treating irritable bowel syndrome and other gut issues, fatigue, thyroid conditions, women’s health, mental health, and chronic diseases.

Dr Fiona’s collaboration with naturopaths

Naturopath Carlton North
Naturopath Rachel Larsson

Dr Fiona initiated Naturopathic review for all of her patients because of the remarkable results that she noticed her patients achieve when managed by them. Dr Fiona wants her patients to thrive and her approach is different to conventional medical care in that she prioritise nutrition, emotional wellbeing and optimizing biochemistry. Working alongside naturopaths trained in functional medicine helps her to achieve this.

Dr Fi’s medical colleagues have limited availability and rely her wonderful naturopaths to help coordinate care and better support you. Her naturopaths really shine with helping you find the best diet for you, optimizing gut health and healing and herbal management of many conditions. There are many evidence based herbal treatments that are well tolerated and can be used instead of or in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Working as a team provides so much more for Narayani clients.

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