Lovely staff, amazing service... Beautiful Molly the dog sometimes greets you at reception with her big, bright eyes and calm and peaceful quiet nature.
I was carrying around chronic pain that I thought I would never get rid of. I’m managing to stay pain-free through the week now and I’m over the moon!
I am amazed and awe struck at how massages can be deeply intuitive, powerful and effective.
- S.A.
I felt safe, heard, validated and a little less alone.
Truly the best therapeutic and deep relaxation massage I have had. Highly recommended!
Fantastic practitioners. Gorgeous rooms. Owned & operated by a locally-living Goddess of sorts. This place is a real wellness centre!
Everyone who works here is full of knowledge and I love the happy vibes.
Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. Have already booked in for my next one.

Clinical Supervision

‘Holding space’ for clients going through tough experiences can be taxing, and the importance of regular Clinical Supervision for anyone offering psychology, psychotherapeutic or other ‘space holding’ work cannot be overstated.

Clinical supervision provides a space to reflect on the work and its impacts, deeply examine complex cases, and gain support, inspiration, and confidence in your psychology or psychotherapy practice.

Psychotherapy Supervision is a requirement of registration for AHPRA practitioners and members of some professional associations. It is also of great benefit to anyone whose work aspects of biopsychosocial health, including

  • psychotherapists
  • mental health nurses
  • social workers
  • case managers
  • energy healers
  • bodyworkers


Our clinical supervisors have extensive training and many years of clinical experience in working with clients presenting with trauma.

Sophie’s approach to trauma is somatic. She teaches and guides clients through embodiment practices aimed at soothing their nervous system to make way for deeper healing. Along with what you’d traditionally expect in a supervision session, Sophie may guide you, as a therapist, to learn and master these somatic tools to use in your sessions with clients as well as in your self-care routine.

Our supervisors aim to co-create a space that is creative, supportive, and generative for you and your professional growth.

Through psychotherapy supervision, you are encouraged to act in routine self-care and self-reflection to continuously develop your self-awareness. This will help to enhance both your practice and your skills, and help to avoid burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma.

Your clinical supervisor will help you integrate your cases and work challenges with important aspects of your identity, including your values, sexuality, dreams and desires, professionalism, education, history and experiences. Clinical supervision includes explorations of the ethical frameworks we traverse and how these sit within spaces created by client, clinician, organisation and culture/s.

With all this in mind, great psychotherapeutic supervision should have a holistic approach and focus on the intersections that comprise each person and story.

Please call us for further information on our clinical supervision availability on (03) 93479247. You’ll receive a return call from our supervisors to determine if there’s a good ‘fit’.