Kinesiology in Carlton North, Melbourne

Kinesiology helps you make more sense of life!

Kinesiology is a natural energetic healing system that helps you access your subconscious and superconscious to break through sabotages and limitations so you can move forward with more ease and joy.

Kinesiology helps you with

  • stress and anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • self love and self confidence
  • grief and loss
  • emotional balance
  • restoring mental clarity
  • reaching business and life goals

Kinesiology CarltonAnd if you have ever thought there has to be more to life, then let kinesiology help you find a deeper meaning and greater purpose.

Kinesiology offers us the tools to access what you are holding onto in your subconscious that is blocking you from being at your best. We get to the core of the issue to help you shift and release sabotaging thought processes and limiting beliefs. Setting you free from  repeating patterns in all areas of your life.

Each session aims to restore your energy flow and harmony. Using vibrational healing, we bring your whole system back into balance. This can take you from feeling out of sorts to feeling good, and from feeling good to feeling great.  People from all over Melbourne are coming to see the benefits of this therapy.


  • Initial consult       75 minutes          $145
  • Return consult    60 mins                 $130

Some health funds allow claiming for Kinesiology. We recommend you contact your health fund to confirm your eligibility to claim.

Our Kinesiologists

Belinda Claveria

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