Dr Tracy Kopp, Fearless Leader

Tracy Kopp, Fearless Leader
Tracy Kopp, Fearless Leader

Someone recently called me ‘Fearless Leader’, and I liked that so much I’ve adopted it forever, muhahahaha.

I’ve been the Fearless Leader of Healing, Magic and Growth at the helm of The Urban Alchemist since we birthed the practice in 2013. I had no idea then that just as I held this space as she evolved, eventually she would hold the space for my personal growth and evolution.

I dreamed up The Urban Alchemist with another wonderful woman almost eight years ago, and I’ve been boss-lady here since then. Since the inception of the practice, I’ve found a hundred different ways to pour my love into these walls. My values – grace, integrity and growth – are imbued in the soil of the plants and the carpets here. You’ll feel it. It’s magic.

I have worked as a Chiropractor for many years in both Brisbane and Melbourne, but this year I’m following my little inner voice (she’s the boss) who’s been whispering to me to just be. So I’m taking a break from practising and focusing my energy on running this beautiful little hub of medicine and magic. Alongside that, I spend a good chunk of every day meditating, writing, playing my guitar and thanking Whatever’s Out There for Everything That Is. It’s a pretty nice time! May we all have the opportunity to do this at least once in our lives.

I love working in the spaces of birth, sex and death – the areas of life that are most real. There is an undeniable truth that exists in each of these places that isn’t present in other areas of life. I welcome deep conversation and vulnerability and if you see me here feel free to be real with me – I hate surface chit chat.

I value language as one of our simplest and most powerful tools for transformation. Practicing being truthful, clear and impeccable with what we say allows us to create lives that align with our values.

My special skills are moving energy with my hands (no, I don’t get it either!), supporting others to find their gifts, and knowing unknowable things.