Esther Ogilvie, Trauma-Informed Therapist

Esther Ogilvie, Trauma-Informed Therapist

Hi there, I’m Esther!

I am a qualified therapist who specialises in trauma. I am a multi-modality practitioner with experience in trauma counselling, life coaching, mental health, menstrual health, sexual empowerment, ethical non monogamy, somatic practices, family violence therapy and timeline therapy.

I have over a decade of experience and use a client centred approach uniquely tailored to each person. I support clients to use self-regulation tools when they are feeling triggered or experiencing trauma.

Through a range of different techniques I support clients to follow their soul purpose, embody their authentic self, safely process trauma, overcome limiting beliefs, and explore patterns of behaviours that no longer serve them. By combining psycho-spiritual techniques such as somatic embodiment, psychological therapy and emotional release tools my clients are able to go about their lives feeling more empowered, embodied, confident and joyful.

I have worked all around the world on trauma and sexual embodiment and it has given me a strong intersectional lens. I have a lot of experience working with clients around ethical non-monogamy and am very inclusive of sex workers and the LGBTQI+ community.

Working with me through the therapeutic process, you can become empowered to:

– Shift the feeling of being “stuck” through achieving goals that bring meaning and fulfilment
– Reduce anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue
– Learn to develop and respect healthy boundaries in all aspects of life
– Understand, reframe and repattern unhealthy thoughts and behaviours
– Unlearn unhealthy relationship patterns such as co-dependency
– Learn to use non-violent communication to support all aspects of life
– Develop a deeper understanding of attachment and how this influences current relationships
– Shift your approach to fear in your life and increase self-worth
– Nervous system regulation and an understanding of your window of tolerance
– Emotional release tools to help you self-regulate and express healthy emotions
– Understand and heal trauma of mind, body and spirit
– Explore ethical non monogamy/open relating and different ways to navigate this
– Connect with and understand your own sexuality
– Sexual embodiment coaching for individuals and couples
– Introduction to sexual shamanic and tantric techniques
– How to sync with your menstrual cycle and work with menstrual health issues
– Navigate challenges in life with more confidence and authenticity
– Feel more present, embodied and grounded in everyday life
-Journey with womb clearing and healing