Lovely staff, amazing service... Beautiful Molly the dog sometimes greets you at reception with her big, bright eyes and calm and peaceful quiet nature.
I was carrying around chronic pain that I thought I would never get rid of. I’m managing to stay pain-free through the week now and I’m over the moon!
I am amazed and awe struck at how massages can be deeply intuitive, powerful and effective.
- S.A.
I felt safe, heard, validated and a little less alone.
Truly the best therapeutic and deep relaxation massage I have had. Highly recommended!
Fantastic practitioners. Gorgeous rooms. Owned & operated by a locally-living Goddess of sorts. This place is a real wellness centre!
Everyone who works here is full of knowledge and I love the happy vibes.
Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. Have already booked in for my next one.

Esther Ogilvie, Trauma-Informed Therapist

Esther Ogilvie, Trauma-Informed Therapist

Hi, I’m Esther. I’m a dedicated professional with a profound commitment to enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

My expertise encompasses a wide range of areas including trauma therapy, anxiety and depression-related disorders, sex and sexuality concerns, interpersonal challenges, and emotional regulation difficulties. Additionally, I hold qualifications as a menstrual health facilitator, family violence practitioner, and sex and gender empowerment coach, catering to individuals of all gender identities.

With over a decade of experience in my field, I employ a client-centred approach that is thoughtfully tailored to each individual’s unique needs. My holistic methodology aims to guide clients towards improving their relationship with themselves by fostering self-compassion, self-awareness, authenticity and emotional regulation.

My therapeutic toolbox draws from trauma-informed practices, including attachment theory and emotion-focused therapy, empowering clients to safely process trauma, unhelpful beliefs and unconscious behaviour patterns.

Beyond traditional psychotherapy, I integrate psycho-spiritual techniques such as somatic embodiment and emotional release tools to help clients embrace emotional empowerment, self-awareness and joy in their lives. My therapeutic approach is deeply influenced by strength-based and mindfulness-based therapies like Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and transpersonal therapy. I also specialise in nervous system regulation, timeline therapy, tantra and embodiment-based practices, catering to both individuals and couples.

In my work with couples, I address a wide array of challenges – including relationship breakdowns, major life transitions, attachment styles, and issues related to sex, desire, and intimacy. I am committed to guiding couples back into connection, encouraging exploration of new facets of their relationship, and helping navigate difficult transitions. This might involve opening up their relationship, exploring alternative sexual practices, or implementing non-violent communication strategies. I also offer tantra and tantric kink sessions for couples seeking to expand and enrich their relationship experience. As a trauma therapist, I delve into the unconscious beliefs, relational patterns, or trauma that may influence the dynamics within a relationship.

My global experience in trauma, gender, and sexual embodiment has afforded me a strong intersectional perspective. I am particularly well-versed in working with clients exploring ethical non-monogamy and am deeply inclusive of sex workers and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you choose to work with me, I look forward to becoming your dedicated partner on the journey to healing, self-discovery and personal growth, helping you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Esther Ogilvie
BAppSci. BSc.(Hons), MIDP