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How are Narayani Wellness Naturopaths different?

Lucy Mason, NaturopathLike most Naturopaths, Narayani’s approach is focused on the whole patient. However, where we really shine is in our interest and experience with functional medicine, gut health and healing and prioritising the mind-body connection.

Functional medicine means looking at the body and what is happening on a cellular, biochemical or micro-organism level. This approach means we can really get to the core issues of what is happening and address them effectively, or even better – prevent illness and disease.

For example, if someone was to come to see us with long-standing fatigue, we might use functional testing to look at the efficiency with which the person’s cells make energy. We can then determine whether specific nutrient/s are needed to help a aspects of the body work better.

Using this kind of testing helps to take out a lot of the guess work so that we can tailor treatment specific to your needs. It also means that we can apply the latest research and innovative treatments to provide faster solutions and more effective management.

What are we good at?

  • Gut health & healing.
    We love approaching most complaints with this as a foundation, as it is core to our entire health and well-being. From immune, mood issues to fatigue and digestive concerns, optimising gut health is essential in getting better and thriving.
  • Mood and Emotional Wellbeing.
    This should be no surprise as it has ties to the gut and we recognise that our experiences and stuck belief patterns can have a profound impact on our physical health.
  • Holistic Skin Naturopathy
    Our approach to healthy skin is from the inside out and the outside in. We combine functional medicine with non-toxic effective skin care products to achieve great results.

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