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What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine at The Urban Alchemist Carlton NorthNaturopathy adopts a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by treating both the underlying cause of illness and its presenting symptoms. It encourages the body’s own innate healing ability, by increasing vitality – enabling the body to heal itself.

A Naturopath uses a combination of natural therapies and healing techniques; including herbal medicine, nutritional and mineral supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice and flower essences.

Most importantly, Naturopathy determines the cause of a complaint and seeks to treat it holistically. It works harmoniously alongside traditional Western medicine and complements other modalities beautifully.

What happens in a naturopathy session?

A detailed case history is taken looking at current concerns, past history and family history.  When necessary it also uses non-invasive diagnostic techniques such as tongue and nail analysis, iridology and results from medical tests and assessments. All this data forms the basis of an individual therapeutic plan, which includes dietary and lifestyle advice. Herbal tinctures, supplements and flower essences may be prescribed, taking into consideration the client’s intention and budget.

Natural fertility education

Natural Fertility support in Carlton North, MelbourneAre you trying to conceive? Are you having problems with your cycle? Do you have difficulty tolerating the contraceptive pill and other hormone-based contraception?

Learning about your menstrual cycle is an empowering tool for all women. Charting your menstrual cycle by using basal body temperature, observations or ovulation kits, or a combination of these can illustrate your particular pattern and fertile times of the month.

Once you recognise these patterns within yourself you will be able to make more conscious decisions when trying to conceive (or not). You gain a greater understanding of your body and your menstrual cycle and gain a sense of control over decisions regarding future contraception.

Stress, anxiety & depression

Do you feel that you avoid certain activities, places and people due to fear, panic or embarrassment?

  • You avoid places with crowds
  • You have tried anti-depressants but they didn’t work or the side effects were too bad
  • You don’t like taking medications for depression, anxiety or stress
  • You can’t fall asleep or you wake up during the night with a busy mind and falling back to sleep is impossible
  • You feeling tired and have no energy

Naturopathy can help!

What can I expect at my first naturopathy consult?

Our Naturopaths will conduct a thorough health questionnaire to gain a better understanding of your particular health concerns and medical history. We take an holistic approach in assessing health conditions in order to identify the underlying cause of why you don’t feel right. We will assess your diet and any lifestyle factors including sleep, work, exercise, home routine and relaxation time.

We are highly-skilled at interpreting blood test results, so please bring them with you.  We may also request further testing. Assessments may include Vega testing, Iridology, tongue, pulse and fingernail analysis, salivary hormone testing, or several other functional medical tests.

Once your assessment is complete, your Naturopath will explain how the  symptoms have come about discussed a therapeutic plan with you.

Naturopathic care is an integrated approach to healing that combines evidence-based medicine with practical and achievable common sense goals aimed at increasing your vitality and achieving optimum health.


Prices vary according to the practitioner and length of treatment. Please visit our Online Bookings page or call our clinic for further information. Hicaps private health insurance claiming available on Naturopathy. We recommend you contact your health fund to confirm your eligibility to claim.

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Sureya Ziegler

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