Catherine Cenández, Wellness Therapist

Catherine Cenández, Wellness Therapist
Catherine Cenández, Wellness Therapist

I am filled with a passion for supporting people with both physical and emotional pain – you will leave feeling healed and held.

I use a finely tuned-in mixture of both clinical techniques and energy healing, allowing you to find equilibrium.

Using a combination of  different energetic modalities, I ensure each treatment helps to bring a sense of balance and peace to the mind.

I am always refreshing my knowledge and have a deep interest in working with people experiencing anxiety, depression, or confusion around changes in their lives.

I believe that the body speaks through disease, physical ailments, pain and discomfort, and emotional stress. I will work intuitively with you, aiming to help begin making changes on an energetic plane for your body to begin its own healing.

As a qualified yoga teacher and remedial massage therapist, I may incorporate easy take-home poses that can assist in bringing mobility and flexibility back to the body.

I have been working as a practitioner since 2003, and I find great joy in being part of each person’s healing journey.