Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna Massage

Lucinda Light, Ka Huna Massage Therapist, MelbourneKa Huna massage is unique in a number of respects. Your advanced practitioner, Lucinda uses her hands, forearms and elbows with long, flowing strokes: both over and under your body.

Ka Huna is not a passive massage experience.  Your body will be moved around the table in a lightly energetic, yet deeply relaxing and flowing way. As you are covered in organic oil from head to toe, alternating soft and deep tissue pressure is applied using the practitioner’s own body weight and loving hands.

Ka Huna massage stimulates the natural flow of energy within the body and works to reduce stress, promoting your overall wellbeing. This powerful treatment is designed to align with the client’s personal intention, set prior to the session and facilitated by Lucinda Light.

Potential focuses for Ka Huna massage include trauma release, grief release, soul work and energy healing.   Ka Huna invites you to come back to your centre. This treatment is gentle enough for painful conditions and highly effective for those that are stressed or feel as though they’ve lost their way.

Enjoy deeply connecting with your body and improve vitality, flexibility and general wellbeing.

Lucinda Light holds a calm, safe and grounded space where clients feel the freedom to explore and release deeply. Music, temperature and scent may be used to guide your session. Lucinda recommends 90 minute sessions to really ‘drop in’ to your body, however for busy clients she can offer a 60 minute session. Chat with our front desk staff to determine which session would suit you best.

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Lucinda Light is available for appointments at our clinic.  Located at 357 Nicholson Street, Carlton North, Melbourne. To make your appointment with Lucinda, call 9347 9247 or book online by using the form below.