Mysterious Things You Didn’t Know About Ka Huna Massage

By Nikola Minet, Ka Huna Therapist

Have you enjoyed a KaHuna massage yet? It’s an OMGGGGGG experience. You lie naked on the massage table, draped in a sarong, while your therapist drenches your skin in oil and gently and lovingly massages all the tension out of you. When you close your eyes you can almost hear the waves lapping at your feet!

Ka Huna massage traditionally includes some chanting and sounds made by the practitioner as they are working on your body. You might lie there wondering, ‘what is the meaning of this’? The chants are a very important part of your healing journey. To call upon ‘Aloha spirit’, we as practitioners usually chant (or sometimes whisper) the sacred prayer ‘E Aloha Mai’. This ancient chant can be translated as:

Let there be love, let there be power, let there be harmony, let there be healing. So be it, it is done.

This prayer sets the divine intention for your healing session. Other sounds that may be made around your body during a KaHuna massage session include the practitioner using ‘sacred vowels’. The sacred vowels are used on different parts of your body, as the vibration of these sounds encourage healing in the needed areas. These sacred sounds are traditionally used to encourage wisdom, power, connection with nature and the elements and to access different levels of consciousness.

Next time you receive a Kahuna massage, tune in and feel what these powerful healing sounds awaken in you!